Amrita University VS SRM University


Amrita University VS SRM University

Wanna study engineering at top notch institutions in India that serves the purpose of being atop? Then it’s the right time to select and apply for admission at them. But beforehand, find, filter, select and understand an institute that means to you. In that case,  why don’t you join either of two – SRM University and Amrita University. Because, both Amrita University and SRM University  are ranked for serving students utmost and fulfilling the needs of student community in terms of academics, opportunities and facilities. To get a broad view, we have come with a comparison flow briefing their advantages, merits and differences they have.

Life at Amrita University and SRM


Known for its academic excellence and state of art built facilities, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham alias Amrita University offers a best experience for students joining its new age smart courses post AEEE 2021. The National Institute Of Ranking Framework (NIRF) has ranked the top notch university in tamilnadu – Amrita University at fourth place. As a multidisciplinary research institute with six campuses in South India, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has secured first place in our result. All thanks to its institutional framework that ensures 95% of its graduates get placed in top companies such as Microsoft,  every year. The  average salary package received by its students is 5.5 to 6 Lakh per annum.  The highest paid CTC of passed outs are between 73- 75 lakh.


Amrita University SRM

Global Rank

860 1849





10 21






India Today


The National Institute Of Ranking Framework (NIRF) has ranked SRM at 36th place for its academic excellence, placement opportunities and facilities it houses. The state of art built university nurtures modern engineers from scratch through its expert staff and cutting edge facilities. SRM has achieved it by placing more than 85% students at top companies such as Microsoft, HCL, L&T, etc, every year. Though this is an average scale, as it constituent colleges in Ramapuram and Delhi NCR places nearly 95% students at top companies at globally reputed companies – Adobe. 

Academic advantages of studying at Amrita University & SRM

  1. Amrita University houses the best infrastructure, built aesthetically with state of art facilities meeting the demands of students and its stakeholders. Thus, with modern infrastructure and robust academic framework, it helps its students to become successful.
  2. When it comes to academics, Subject matter experts and facilities play a major role. Amrita is no exception, as it has wide experienced staff and facilities meeting international demands.
  3. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has six campuses and 13 constituent colleges across India. Through six campuses, it offers 207+ UG and PG courses with industry 800+ industry experienced faculties. 
  4. As of now, more than 20% of students finishing off UG and PG courses at Amrita University join Abroad or top notch universities in India for higher studies. This shows the academic credibility of Amrita University.

Admission Details

Amrita University


Entrance Exam


12th Marks



Approved By UGC, AICTE


  1. SRM houses one of the best infrastructure facilities equipped with modern equipment meeting international demands. Hence, students pursuing here would learn and experience world class facilities.
  2. When it comes to academics, academic framework and faculties matters. SRM has the academicians with wide experience in their field. Most importantly, the university board follows a robust academic framework drafted based on international guidelines meeting the needs of today and tomorrow. 
  3. SRM University strives hard by improvising syllabus meeting the trends. This allows the young minds to expand their thinking ability and stand out of the box.
  4. SRMIST has established connections with growing international companies and educational institutions. Through the ties, and student exchange programmes and intermediate certificate courses, students’ employability rate grows every year.
  5. When it comes to education and employment, companies demand their staff to have knowledge on new age programmes. Meeting that, SRM offers new age programmes like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, IoT are included in UG courses for higher employability.

Merits and Achievements Of SRM University and Amrita University

  1. Amrita University has achieved a highest placement record of 95% – according to NIRF. Also, the university is working on a plan that would help recruiters employ 100 % of graduates. 
  2. Amrita follows a robust Job-related curriculum and syllabus meeting international standards. 
  3. It houses State of the art research facilities like Bosch Lab, Intel Intelligent Lab, IOT Lab, etc and conducts regular workshops on new age skill sets.
  4. The institute offers over 207 UG and PG courses under the guidance of 800 plus faculties at six campuses in South India.
  5. It has partnered with 150+ reputed international universities and colleges to support students with international curriculum.

Achievements / Accolades

Amrita University



150+ 200+


200 600
Placement Ratio 95%


Academic Score 98%


  1. So far, more than 200 students benefited by studying at Top international universities like MIT through Student Exchange Programmes. 
  2. SRM has signed MoUs and made tie-ups with MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cambridge and NUS to improve syllabus and academic restructuring.
  3. NAAC has ranked SRM with A++ Grade for academic excellence.
  4. Till date, more than 600 companies visit SRMIST every year to hire its students. The important fact here is that the number of companies and the percentage of students getting jobs increases every year. SRM hopes to get its 100 % students placed at top companies sooner.
  5. SRM aims at making education affordable and reachable for everyone. Ensuring that, the institute offers more than 32 crore scholarships, every year for students. So that the students can continue their education.

Infrastructure and Facilities at Amrita University

Student life at Amrita is more than just study. To fulfil the demands of the student community, amenities catering student academic and non academic needs are established inside the campus. So that no student steps off campus to meet his/her needs. Also, to give students expertise in their field, the institute organizes training sessions in the well -structured state of the art built labs such as Bosch Lab, Intel Intelligent Lab, IOT Lab. This is something many top notch universities across India lack.

Infrastructure and Facilities at SRM

When it comes to an institution, facilities and infrastructure matters much for students. Because, it’s the students who are going to spend the entire academic life on the campus. So, it’s wise for students to learn and understand the facilities incorporated in the college he/she selects beforehand. SRM is no exception  here and it’s well-known for its hospitality, as students learning at SRMIST campus are offered with all basic amenities and facilities one needs. Here below is detailed breakdown of facilities incorporated. 





Academic  A/C Classrooms, Auditoriums, Bosch Lab, Intel Intelligent Lab, IOT Lab, Library, Wifi Campus A/C Classrooms, Auditoriums, Labs, Library, Wifi Campus
Non – Academic Cafeteria, Health Centre, Transportation, Hostels Cafeteria, Health Centre, Transportation, Hostels
Sports and Extracurricular Sports complex and Gym Sports Complex and Gym

Academic Area and Classrooms

Amrita-To ensure its students get world experience and knowledge without any hindrances, the classrooms were air conditioned and smartly built with cutting edge facilities. Thus, any doubts, students get cleared in the smart classroom with a smart wifi facility and access card to global research works and libraries.

SRM – Classrooms play a vital role in academics. Because it’s a place where students are packed unison to learn and grow themselves in the subject. So, comfort should be guaranteed here to avoid distractions. Meeting that, SRM has built spacious Smart class rooms air conditioned and equipped  with smart equipment to ease the process of understanding.

Hostel / Accommodation Facility

Amrita – Amrita gives more importance to natural lifestyle. Hence it has built hostels and rooms as such/ The university has a total of 8 hostels in the campus to accommodate over 3500 inmates. All rooms are naturally ventilated and equipped with solar water heaters for hot water supply.  Hostelers are served with pure vegetarian food prepared under hygienic conditions. Night cafeterias are attached to all hostels. All students are expected to live in the hostel during their course. However, local students who live with their parents within a radius of 30 km from the campus will be permitted to come from their homes.  

SRM – Within the eco-friendly campus, accommodation facilities at SRM are built. The hostel building and rooms inside are built spacious, ensuring natural ventilation support. SRM believes that life on campus should be like life at home, so SRM ensures all facilities are installed, so that students not only study but also socialize with their peers. The common features of rooms across all campuses are, all rooms are air conditioned and equipped with water heaters for hot water supply, based on requirement, single bed options or shared with both A/C and non-A/C rooms are available. Both non- vegetarian and vegetarian food prepared under hygienic conditions in the central kitchen for hostel students.





8 21


4 14
Men  4


Rooms Both A/C & non A/C

Both A/C & non A/C

Canteen and Relax Space

To dine healthy and hygienic, the institute runs an in house canteen for students and staff. The facility is open to day scholars, staff members and visitors. To ensure, ‘Students are healthy’, the food served is prepared in a hygienic and authentic way. Most importantly, the canteen is designed in a way to bring relaxation.

Medical Facilities

What if a student falls ill? No worries, the university management has ensured availability of medical facilities through establishment of a health centre inside the campus. A dispensary with qualified doctors on-call 24/7, a day is present . Other than treating medical needs, the medical team is encouraged to conduct regular medical checkups for all students every year.

Central Library

Amrita – The Central Library of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham houses the most valuable information resources, services and facilities on a carpet area of 81,000 sq feet, automated by the Libsys software. Students are encouraged to access the library through the open access system via Libsys software. The central library is air-conditioned and has the capacity to accommodate loosely packed 170 users. The library units- ASE and ASB  is  subscribed to the online e-resources/e-databases such as ACM, ASCE, ASME, ASTM, Access Engineering from McGraw-Hill, J-Gate (JET) & (SMS), IEEE Xplore (ASPP), Science Direct-Elsevier , Springer Journals and E-books, DELNET (bibliographic database), EBSCO, ProQuest, IBID , Capitaline and SUNNY BUFFALO (State University of New York).

SRM – The central library inside the 15 storey administrative block owns the finest information resources meeting international standards. Spread over four floors of 1.50 lakh sq,ft area, the library is fully air conditioned and automated with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.






58103 1,46,983


377 290
E-books 3000


e-journals 3000


Sports and Extras

Amrita – Amrita gives equal importance to sports and encourages the student community to be involved in sports and extracurricular activities. It believes, “Sports can heal internal stress and depression of human beings.” Within a span of  22,000 sq.m of sports field, Amrita accommodates play areas.

SRM – SRMIST encourages students to get involved and accomplish in sports and extracurricular activities. In order to be mentally and physically fit, play grounds, stadium and  indoor courts are installed on the campus.


Amrita University

SRM University


4 Volley Ball with flood light and link mesh fence  of 2640 square meter in total

Ball Badminton 

5 basketball courts with flood light and link mesh fence of 5000 square meters in total.

        Olympic standard swimming Pool

2 football fields with link mesh fences of 18000 square meters in total.


Multipurpose Air Conditioned indoor stadium 

Athletic track

1 hockey field


400-meter standard mud track


1 cricket field with 3 cricket net practice pitch 

Departments at Amrita University and SRM


Amrita University

SRM University


Departments – Amrita University

  1. Department of Engineering Electronics & Communications – (Location Icon) Coimbatore | Chennai
  2. Department of Electrical & Electronics – Coimbatore | Chennai 
  3. Department of Computer Sciences – Coimbatore | Chennai 
  4. Department of Chemical Engineering – Coimbatore
  5. Department of  Aerospace Engineering – Coimbatore
  6. Department of  Civil Engineering – Coimbatore | Chennai
  7. Department of  Mechanical Engineering – Coimbatore | Chennai
  8. Department of  Biomedical Engineering – Coimbatore

SRM – Departments

  1. Accident & Emergency Medicine (Casualty)
  2. Aerospace Engineering 
  3. Anesthesiology 
  4. Anatomy 
  5. Architecture and Interior Design 
  6. Automobile Engineering 
  7. BASLP 
  8. Biochemistry 
  9. Biomedical Engineering 
  10. Biotechnology 
  11. Cardiology 
  12. Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Career Centre 
  13. Career Development 
  14. Centre for Renal Transplantation 
  15. Chemical Engineering 
  16. Chemistry 
  17. Civil Engineering 
  18. Computer Applications (Engineering and Technology) 
  19. Computer Science 
  20. Computer Science Engineering 
  21. Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics 
  22. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
  23. Electronics & Communication Engineering 
  24. Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering 
  25. Embedded System Technology 
  26. Instrumentation & Control Engineering 
  27. Mechanical Engineering 
  28. Mechatronics Engineering 
  29. Nuclear Science and  Engineering 

Placement and Opportunities 

Amrita – Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has a higher placement rate of up to 94%, compared to top universities in India. All thanks to its new curriculum and certificate training programmes offered. The institute offers 207 professional and vocational programmes through 6 campuses, 15 constituent schools approved with A Grade by NAAC.

SRM – Graduating doesn’t mean a student is ready to get employed. SRMIST believes in training students with both technical and soft skills to reach the heights. To achieve that, regular workshops, seminars and mock interview sessions are conducted. More than 80% of students who finished UG Engineering at SRMIST in 2020 are placed at top companies successfully. Also, equal to placements, more than 88 % of students joined top films through internship programmes. The average pay grade of students ranges between 3.5-4 lakh per annum. The curriculum SRMIST follows  is regularly revised to meet the job requirements and international standards through a committee board. 


Placement Data




200 600

Placement Percentage

95% 90%
Average Salary 5.5 to 6 Lakh

3.5 to 4 lakh

Highest Salary 71 Lakh

41 lakh


From the above article, you would have come to a conclusion. If you want to become successful in academics and would love to explore new age things in your desired field, Amrita is the best place to study. Whereas, if your aim is to rule the corporate world securing a top position, no matter- SRM is the best place. Be it Amrita or SRM, it’s your decision. But pursuing your dream course at a top college with facilities you need incorporated matters.