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What is B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology ?

A Medical Technologist (otherwise called Medical laboratory scientist, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Medical Laboratory Technologist) is an allied health professional that analyzes and tests body fluids and tissues. This incorporates blood, urine, CSF, synovial fluid, all types of tissue samples, and any kind of test expelled from a patient for testing.

It is an allied health profession that is worried about the treatment, diagnosis and counteractive action of disease using clinical laboratory tests.

Amid the program these tests assist candidates with learning and analyse, recognize and treat diseases.

Additionally the program manages the gathering of data's inspecting, revealing, testing and documentation.

Such postgraduates are procured in limits, for example, Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Manager, Medical Officer, Research Associate, Medical Record Technician, Resident Medical Officer, Lab Assistant, Laboratory Testing Manager, Associate Professor/Lecturer etc.

Medical technicians can land position openings in spots, for example, doctor's facilities, health care centers, medical pathology labs, examine labs, urologists' offices, etc.

A medical technologist typically holds a four year college education and has experienced an entry level position. The temporary job can either be a part of the degree program or be done after the laboratorian has effectively finished their degree.