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What is B.Sc Radiography and Imaging Technology ?

B.Sc. in Medical Radiography and Imaging Technology is a 3-year undergraduate course in Medical Lab Technology.

Radiography is an imaging system utilizing X-rays, gamma rays, or comparable radiation to see the interior type of an object.

To make the picture, a light emission rays or other type of electromagnetic radiation is delivered by a X-beam generator and is anticipated toward the object.

A specific measure of the X-rays or other radiation is consumed by the object, reliant on the object's thickness and basic arrangement. The X-rays that go through the object are caught behind the object by a locator (either photographic film or an advanced finder).The age of level two dimensional pictures by this strategy is called projectional radiography.

In processed tomography (CT examining) a X-beam source and its related locators turn around the subject which itself travels through the conelike X-beam bar created. Some random point inside the subject is crossed from numerous headings by various pillars at various occasions. Data with respect to lessening of these pillars is gathered and exposed to calculation to create two dimensional pictures in three planes (axial, coronal, and sagittal) which can be additionally handled to deliver a three dimensional image.

Radiographers, otherwise called radiologic technologists, analytic radiographers and medical radiation technologists are medicinal services experts who represent considerable authority in the imaging of human life systems for the conclusion and treatment of pathology.

Radiographers are inconsistently, and quite often incorrectly, known as x-beam specialists.