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  • About the University:

    Chettinad Hospital & Research Institute is one of the Top Medical College in Tamil Nadu, which exceeds expectations of students in diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. In addition to this, Chettinad Hospital & Research Institute provides Contemporary medicine applies like biomedical sciences, biomedical research, genetics, and medical technology to diagnose, treat, and prevent injury and disease, typically through pharmaceuticals or surgery, but also through therapies as diverse as psychotherapy etc. For these excellence, Chettinad Hospital & Research Institute ranks in the Top 10 Medical College in South India. Also Chettinad Hospital & Research Institute ranks one of the Best Medical College in Tamil Nadu. Chettinad Hospital & Research Institute being Leading Medical College that gives top-notch coaching to the students in Medicine and Various Fields.


CHETTINAD HOSPITAL AND RESEARSCH INSTITUTE has 95 acres of land with independent township incorporates complex learning assets such as interactive media libraries, labs and historical medical centres. It additionally has a full scope of students and staffs pleasantries such as lodgings, cafeterias and various recreation &amusement choices.

With the studies of Medical, Pre medical, Para medical, Clinical, Allied Health science and various other medical courses in a single overall campus, Chettinad Medical College becomes a dream for almost of the students in the nation.

Various different Research Laboratories and Development blocks are made with high efficiency equipped equipments for higher end level of research programs to be happened in the campus.

CHETTINAD HOSPITAL AND RESEARSCH INSTITUTE has specially allocated area of more than 3 acres for sports and activities with built in sports auditorium.

Creative Space

CHETTINAD HOSPITAL AND RESEARSCH INSTITUTE is basically in a township infrastructure which itself serves as a city for the students, staffs and the hospital utilizers with advanced technology of studies, treatments as well as numerous recreational aspects for the students.

Co-Ed Hostels

CHETTINAD HOSPITAL AND RESEARSCH INSTITUTE provides the students and staffs from outstation, the hostel accommodation facilities with multiple options of occupancies and food.


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Several skill labs and multi purpose laboratories are set up for developing the research and development activities of the scholars.

Wifi on Campus

High speed internet Wi-Fi facility has been furnished with Advance Fibre Optics technology to provide uninterrupted internet facilities for the students.


Advanced equipped power, hydraulics, cycling, cardiac machine are installed in the gymnasium are which is set up in the hostel premises, which can accommodate more than students at a time.

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