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  • About the Institute:

    G.K.M Institute of Maritime is one of the top Marine Engineering University in Tamil Nadu, which exceeds expectations of students in Maritime Sector and Research & Development. In addition to Academics, G.K.M Institute of Maritime brings out Student’s hidden talents in the studies like Oceanography, Maritime History, Maritime Law, Maritime Security, Safety, Search & Rescue and Other related Fields. For these excellence, G.K.M Institute of Maritime ranks in the top 10 Marine University in South India. Also G.K.M Institute of Maritime ranks one of the best Marine University in Tamil Nadu. G.K.M Institute of Maritime being Leading Marine University that gives superior coaching to the students in Maritime Field and Various Fields.


GKM institute of marine science and technology has fully furnished, spacious, classrooms, advanced computer labs, machine shops and laboratories as per the guidelines of D.G Shipping, India. Dedicated Bridge Simulator rooms, Drawing & Designing Labs, etc makes the GKM institute of marine science and technology, a well certified institution.

All the Maritime courses at GKM institute of marine science and technology are led by the Director and Faculties, who are exceptionally qualified Professors (who are ex-Mariners) and Instructors, with long stretches of understanding on board, who take fastidious consideration to prepare the cadets to be future guides and marine designers.

GKM institute of marine science and technology has a Fully working Engine inside the Ship-in-Campus, for the preparation of Marine Engineering cadets, reproducing conditions precisely as ready a motor room of a ship. And such all advanced acts are carried out by the Research and Development team of the institution.

GKM institute of marine science and technology has a team of India’s best trainers & coachers who trains the students in all kinds of athletic games, and have won more than 60 awards in state and national level sports activities in 2019.

GKM institute of marine science and technology has awarded with effective QMS covering teaching learning method and all other supporting activities and is ISO 9001: 2008 certified, by IRQS.

Creative Space

GKM institute of marine science and technology has constructed its own Ship-In-Campus, Bridge and On Board Simulator rooms. The Director General of Shipping has stipulated that Maritime Academies the nation over must form a "Ship-in-Campus" to forestall the need of preparing cadets in outside marine workshops.


School of Maritime Studies has its own hostels for boys and girls separately. There is also an exclusive Mess Block within the campus with separate dining halls.


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Brought together, Information Centre incorporates an advanced installed Computer lab with Internet facility, Communication Skills Lab, Central Library, Audio-visual offices, Conference Hall for Group Discussion and Digital Library.

Wifi on Campus

GKM institute of marine science and technology offers internet facilities with Wi-Fi in the academic premises as well as in the hostel also.


Caring the fitness of the students GKM institute of marine science and technology has a fully established high tech power gym along with the hostel premises.

Courses Offered

  1. Marine Engineering
  2. B.Tech Naval Architecture & Ship Building
  3. B.Sc Nautical Science

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