How popular and best is studying B.Sc Cardiac Technology

How popular and best is studying B.Sc Cardiac Technology

How popular and best is studying B.Sc Cardiac Technology

Wanna become an expert in cardiac medicine ? Then choose and study B.Sc Cardiac technology. Because it’s need is inevitable as today, more than 50 % of the population are prone to cardiac diseases and associated illness. Hence, there is a need for the course, today and tomorrow. Above all, cardiac technology is one of the popular courses, next to Respiratory therapy and Pharm D, that students like. In this article, we – Toppers Educational Consultants, One of the leading educational consultants in Chennai and Tamilnadu, have come up with insights on the course – Cardiac Technology, its eligibility criteria, fee structure, opportunities available and salary data.

About the Smart Course – Cardiac Technology

How popular and best is studying B.Sc Cardiac Technology

The professional course – Bachelors in Science in  Cardiac Technology is a full time course with a tenure of 3 years in the field of allied sciences in medicine. The experts, who assist doctors during invasive cardiovascular testing that let the blood flow into the patient heart are Cardiac Technologists. They assist doctors in handling technologies and completing the treatment with no hassles.

In general, Cardiac Technologists test patients for heart problems, take care of those suffering from cardiovascular disease, use and maintain medical equipment and machines used in the field, apply basic and advanced life support skills, study emergency invasive procedures that could save an individual’s life, insert catheters and use pacemakers in practical settings., study cardiac-related procedures and observe the correct way to perform cardiac procedures before applying practical skills. All together, Cardiac Technologists play a vital role in saving patients from heart illness.

Eligibility Criteria for studying B.Sc Cardiac Technology

  1. To become eligible for the bachelors programme, candidates need to pass the HSC or 10+2 exam or equivalent exam of the relevant board.
  2. Also, the candidate should have scored aggregate marks of minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology.
  3. Then, the candidate should apply for the course at the desired colleges/institute through official website or Toppers Website/
  4. Then, based on aggregate marks in HSC, candidates will be called for counselling and admission will be processed then.



  1. Candidates can visit or call +91 99621 43721 to get enrolled without any issues.


List of Top Allied science Colleges in Chennai and Tamilnadu

How popular and best is studying B.Sc Cardiac Technology

  1. Dr.M.G.R University, Chennai
  2. Vinayaka Missions Research Foundation, Salem
  3. Saveetha Medical College, Chennai
  4. MMM College of Health Sciences, Chennai
  5. Meenakshi Medical College, Kanchipuram
  6. SRM Institute of Medical Sciences, Chennai
  7. Christian Medical College, Vellore


Opportunities and Salary Data

Graduates with adequate knowledge and experience are eligible for the following roles : Cardiovascular Technologist, Medical Sonographer Dialysis Technician, and Nephrologist Technician. Candidates who do masters in the field of Cardiac Technology are eligible to work alongside doctors and do research work in the field of medicine. The average salary data ranges from 4 Lakh per annum and the highest salary package offered is 8 Lakhs per annum. The opportunities abroad are high as the course and professionals are inevitable. 

For direct admission at top allied sciences Colleges in Tamilnadu, call +91 99621 43721.