How to master in Agriculture? Guide To Farming

How to master in Agriculture? Guide To Farming

Anyone can become an expert in any field, despite having adequate knowledge and experience in it. But mastering a field needs advanced knowledge and long term experience. So, if you can become an expert, check the article on a simple method to become an expert or a specialist in the field of agriculture. Whereas, if you wanna master agriculture and become a master in farming and harvesting, follow the simple steps below. 

Steps to be at the top in Farming  

  • Advanced level of knowledge in Farming basics.
  • Learn and follow  different irrigation methods that’s followed across the world.
  • Adapting diversification of crops.
  • Knowledge on methods to overcome Land & Water Scarcity 
  • Well versed in Agricultural Research and Development  
  • Practising feasible techniques to gain sustainable yield.

Are these enough to master farming? Nope, the individual needs professional and hands- on training, other than strong research and analytical knowledge. That comes free-hand and ready offered through master courses from Top agriculture colleges in tamilnadu. Before we proceed, learn the courses and institutes that are considered as the best to turn you master.

Students seeking admission to Master’s Degree in Agriculture Courses must possess a  Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture/ Forestry/ Horticulture from a recognised University. 

  • Msc Agriculture 
  • Msc Genetics and Plant Breeding
  • Msc Agricultural Chemistry 
  • Msc Nematology  
  • Msc Plant Pathology 
  • Msc Soil Science 
  • Msc Agri Entomology 
  • Msc Agri Horticulture 
  • M.Tech Bio Energy
  • M.Tech Farm Power and Machinery
  • M.Tech Soil water conservation and Engineering
  • M.Tech Agricultural Process and Food Engineering 

Higher Studies and Research

Students with any degree except Bioinformatics and Food Biotechnology are eligible to do Phd in Agriculture. The duration of the course will be one year.Here below is a list of areas students can research.

  • Plant Biotechnology 
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Dairy Science and Technology 
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture Extension  

Top agriculture colleges in Tamilnadu, one should join


S.No Name of the Institutions
1 Don Bosco College of Agriculture
2 Nammazhvar College of Agriculture and Technology
3 Imayam Institute of Agriculture and Technology
4 Adhiparasakthi Agricultural and Horticultural College
5 Adhiyamaan College of Agriculture and Research
6 Vanavarayar Institute Of Agriculture
7 Nalanda College of Agriculture
8 Thanthai Roever Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development
9 Sethu Bhaskara Agricultural College & Research Foundation
10 R.V.S Agriculture College


For any queries on admission and courses or direct admission at top agriculture colleges in Tamilnadu, call +91 99621 37421.