Taking engineering as your career, this article is for you

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Taking engineering as your career, this article is for you…

Before a decade, engineering was a dream for many. Many tried, but less than a handful of young aspirants were able to get into engineering institutions and secure successful positions in their career. But then, the situation has turned worse. Many engineering institutions came, but students remained unwilling to join them. At last, less than a handful of people are ready to take engineering seriously and get into the field. 

Guess, what made such a gap ? Unemployment, lack of opportunities and economic imbalance. But above all are situations, created by a factor that fed all these and grew them smart. It’s compromised academics and un updated syllabus.

Almost 60% of institutions in India follow old syllabus with technical stuff related to the 90s or even before. It’s 2021 now and recruiters demand much more from their staff. But many educational institutions excluding deemed universities and centralized institutions were unable to incorporate them into academics, as they don’t meet standard educational norms for evaluating a candidate. 

What is a deemed university and centralized institutes?

The classic example of centralized institutions are ITTs. They have a uniform syllabus that’s regularly revised meeting the trends and new age needs. Thus, they are popular and on top. Deemed universities are close to centralized institutions, run by private organizations and trusts, with the approval of UGC.. Unlike many top engineering colleges, Deemed universities are free to revise academic framework and syllabus on their own, meeting the norms of UGC. Thus, many top deemed universities such as Amrita University, VIT university, SRM university and Sathyabama University alter academic norms and syllabus often meeting their international qualities and recruiters’ needs.

Will engineering at top deemed universities and IITs solve those situations?

Of course, it will. With state of art built academic infrastructure, regularly revised academic curriculum taught by industry experienced subject matter experts, it is possible. Thus, recruiters visit them and hire smart graduates for higher packages. Also, in some deemed universities, students are taught new age tools and skills through industry experts. Thus, they are inevitably recruited by recruiters. 

If your aim is engineering or related studies, IITs and deemed universities could be the best and perfect choice. For admission at top deemed universities in Tamilnadu and Chennai, Call +91 99621 43721.